History and Pedigree (Sp)

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On the following pages you’ll get some information I got on the ancestors of my father.

He hails from the former Wartheland in Poland.

A few years after the World War II he and his sister came to Germany all by themselves. Due to the fact that their parents died a few years earlier they didn’t have any certificate of birth or any other documents with them. Just based on their recollection it was very difficult to find any information on their habitation, their parents and so on.

His parents lived in Zakrety, which is pretty small and is situated with some more villages in an area of 8x8km. Looks like Rudzk Duzy, Rudzk Maly, Lubsin, Teodorowo, Gradowo. All these villages are placed approximately 10km in the north of Sompolno (Deutscheneck) and approximately 8km south of Piotrkow Kujawskie (Petrikau).

Hence Zakrety is that small, the search was a big challenge. The book “Die evangelisch-augsburgischen Gemeinden der Kalischer Diözese, 1937, Kapitel Kozy“ by Eduard Kneifel in which I found first details about the village Kozy and my grandfather was in this juncture eminently helpful.

Fortunately in 2006 I got some copies of birth certificates, including those of my grandfather and his sisters, from the archive in Posen. Thereby I could finally get some further information on his parents and more ancestors.

In the years 2009 and 2010 I get very nice contact with 2 polish people, which send me a lot of informations from this area. One of him lived in Gradowo. Unfortunately this contacts are broken since this years.


On those documents you could also find the name “Spitzer” in the version of “Spicer”.