History and Pedigree (Se)

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My father-in-law already did genealogy before, however he did it when there were no computers or internet.

He had correspondence with a Polish pastor. Unfortunately this correspondence and all the other collected got lost. As yet I couldn’t find any connection to Poland.

Up to now I found some data on the ancestors of my husband in Deudesfeld, Bettenfeld and Meisburg.

I found a connection to a family which still lives in this area. The earliest known ancestors (5.th generation back from my father-in-law) were brothers. At that time their surname was Zirves which changed in the following generations to Serwaty and Servati.

The search turned out to be pretty hard because of the big variety of notations of the surname: Serwaty, Serwati, Servaty, Servati, Servatzi, Servatü, Zirves.

Also the great-grandfather of my husband had a difficult surname which still exists in a lot of variations: Brokogne, Brokogni, Krackonie, Braconier, Brakonier.

The most I am interested in the ancestors of the great-grandmother of my husband: Her father was born as a Jew but converted when he was older and adopted another surname and first name.