History and Pedigree (He)

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The following pages are concerned with the ancestors of my mother.

She and her parents lived together in Lossen/Schlesien in Poland until 1946. There they had a farm and a guesthouse.

They got expelled from their place of birth in 1946. However they could take their family-bible, some documents, a few pictures and some other stuff with them, which was pretty adjuvant for me. Furthermore my mother herself contributed lots of information to my research.

Because of my mothers’ and grandmothers’ information and the names and data I could get from the family-bible, in this inquiry I had totally different premises than in my fathers’ ones. Even with the photos, my mother could help. One of them pictured her with 4-5 years and some other kids on a birthday party. Most of them she still knows by name and their parents’ profession.

Additionally I found filmed entries in the civil registry office of Lossen (done by the Mormonite) which were of great value for me.